Coaching Individuals

What story do you tell yourself about your life? Is your story serving you? What qualities do you want to cultivate in order to point your life in a new direction? These are some of the things I like to explore with coaching clients.

Coaching is a great option for people who feel stuck and want support in making changes. A coach can help you:

  • Clarify and live by your values
  • Explore different perspectives
  • Create a new vision
  • Embrace bold action
  • Work with challenging feelings and relationships
  • Break unhealthy habits
  • Stay accountable to goals
  • Listen to your own wisdom

In terms of my personal coaching style, there are a few things you should know upfront that may help you decide whether we are a good match. First, I believe in simplicity. I do not participate in our culture's more-better-faster mentality. I believe that simplicity gives us the space to invite creative expansion.

Second, my interest in Buddhist psychology impacts my work. Buddhists believe that pain in life is inevitable, but suffering is optional; that we create our own suffering based on our attachments. The goal is not to be indifferent, but to have a passionate appreciation of life's experiences while accepting that things will continue to change. 

Third, I believe in the power of psychotherapy; coaches are not licensed counselors or therapist and they should not pretend to be. I am happy to refer clients to excellent therapists in our community.

While the bulk of my work has been coaching educators, my training as a coach is applicable to coaching anyone. I'd love to have a conversation if you think you might be interested in designing a coaching relationship.