Collaborating with Teachers

My clients are gifted teachers who feel discouraged by the current educational climate which often values standardized test results over passionate, creative teaching -- teaching that's grounded in strong relationships and driven by student and teacher inquiry. As educators, I believe that we raise student achievement by being clear about our focus, creative about our targeted interventions, and thoughtful about how we design the schedule and the environment for our students. 

I work with educators who want to

  • Deepen their teaching practice
  • Create space for reflection and discernment
  • Clarify their natural strengths and core values 
  • Empower their students
  • Strengthen their voice
  • Reclaim their health, balance and well-being

Clients often comment on the level of synthesis and clarity I bring to our work. I find fragmentation exhausting. I am always looking for ways to bring things together into a functioning whole that honors everyone's time, energy, rhythm and resources.

Some teachers hire me to work 1-on-1 with them on various projects and personal goals. Others invite me to observe in their classrooms and give them feedback based on what I see in their teaching and in their students' responses to the environment and instruction.  

I collaborate with teachers on curriculum development, assessment tools, differentiated instruction, classroom management, student behavior challenges, interventions, and organizational strategies.