Conflict Resources

Below is a selection of resources for no-cost and low-cost mediation services in the Seattle area, as well as some links to statewide and national groups that support alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in the context of public education, special education, and family law. Click a blue link to access the resource.

Community Mediation 

Conflict Resolution in Schools

Sound Options has the OSPI statewide contract to do Special Education mediations, as well as Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting facilitation in high-conflict cases.

Conflict Prevention in Schools

Restorative Justice in Schools and Neighborhoods

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Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Professional Organizations Supporting Mediation and Making Mediation Referrals

Washington Mediation Association

King County Bar Association -- ADR Section

Washington State Bar Association -- ADR Section

Mediation for City, County, State, and Federal Workplace Issues

City of Seattle ADR Program

Seattle Federal Executive Board ADR Program

King County ADR Program / Inter-Local
Conflict Resolution Group (ILCRG)

Legal Resources

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Washington Law Help

Mediation in Family Law

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