March 24-25

If you have been confirmed for the 16-hour introduction to Kingian Nonviolence, see the details below. If you are unsure whether you are registered and confirmed, contact Kathryn at

Kazu Haga, Jonathan Lewis, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm,
and Mary Lou Finley


9am-6pm on Sat, March 24 and Sun, March 25,

St. Mark's Cathedral, Skinner Hall 
1245 Tenth Ave. E, Seattle
Note: Skinner Hall is in the Bright Water School building, north of the main cathedral entrance. If you are facing the main cathedral entrance, walk to the building to your right.

Kingian nonviolence trainers Kazu Haga, Jonathan Lewis, and Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm are generously offering this 2-day training on a “by-donation” basis. Seattle organizers have arranged for airfare, lodging, and training space with the belief that, “if we bring them, funding will follow.” It is important that everyone feels comfortable giving at the level that they are able. People may offer to volunteer time and hospitality in exchange for the training. 
  • $20 covers the cost of the training manual that you will receive.
  • $40 helps someone who may not be able to afford the manual.
  • $40-100 compensates the trainers for time they are giving on a “by-donation” basis
  • $100-500 will help pay for food, lodging, and airfare (from California and Rhode Island)
  • $500+ will help these amazing trainers continue to offer trainings free of charge to people who work for social change in non-profit organizations, public schools, and detention facilities. Large donations may help us bring these trainers back to Seattle in the future.
Currently, we are about $2,000 shy of meeting our fundraising goal. The good news is that we have an anonymous donor who will match donations given that exceed the original pledge amount. I have no doubt we will meet or exceed our goal. All funds collected will go to our four trainers to compensate them for their travel expenses and their time. Please come with cash or a checkbook on Saturday and make checks payable to Backbone Campaign.

Snacks and Lunch

Please bring a lunch, a filled water bottle and / or a mug for coffee or tea. We will gladly accept donations to the snack table, as several of you stated you would be happy to provide. At this time, we are unsure about whether we will be able to offer access to refrigeration or a microwave so please be aware of this as you are planning for food. 

16-hours is a long time to sit in chairs. We will be moving around and regrouping, but please feel free to bring yoga mats, cushions, or anything that will help make your learning more comfortable. If you have extra to lend, thank you.

Due to allergy considerations, please do not wear any products with fragrances to the workshop.

Readings and homework
During the weekend, you will be assigned homework between the first and second days.  This homework includes some readings, which I am attaching to this email in case you want to give yourself a head start.  These readings are pretty heavy, so it is highly recommended that you read them over before the weekend, and review them again after the first day.
More information and a cool video
Visit Kazu and Jonathan's Positive Peace Warrior Network page. As you will see, Kazu and Jonathan have been very busy with three consecutive weekend workshops in Oakland. Watch a great 30-minute KEXP interview that Kazu did when he was here in Seattle in February.

Video and Livestream
Just to clarify, this event will not be livestreamed, per the request of the trainers and their Kingian Nonviolence colleagues. The trainers may choose to film a few portions of the workshop for their own use and will give participants an opportunity to not be filmed if that is their preference.

I want to give a shout out to 
  • Bill Moyer and Yve Susskind of Backbone Campaign who advanced funding for this weekend, are tracking the finances, and have provided the conference call line for our organizing.

  • Mike Jackson and Alan DePuy at St. Mark's Cathedral who committed to hosting this event in January.

  • Mandy Varona, who has handled the housing and transportation for both of Kazu's visits.

  • Ellie Rose, who has motivated the planning team to continue to think expansively about Kingian Nonviolence in our community and has organized the MAP (movement action plan) training with Mary Lou Finely.

  • Bert Sacks, who cannot be at the weekend workshop but who has been doing media outreach and helped us land Kazu's KEXP interview in February.

  • The Occupy Seattle Nonviolence Group, which helped many of us connect with each other around a commitment to nonviolent organizing and action. 

  • And, of course, our talented training team: Kazu Haga, Jonathan Lewis, Kaeley Pruitt-Hamm and Mary Lou Finley.