Occupy Seattle's General Assembly is having a hard time passing a resolution about non-violence. I am wondering if we, the Occupy Seattle Non-Violence Group, should mount a Tumblr campaign--a campaign to show hundreds (maybe thousands) of faces of folks who are committed to the movement in Seattle and committed to non-violent action.

Here is an example of a 99% tumblr feed which must have more than 3,000 pictures. I do not have experience setting one up, but I am willing to give it a shot if we think it might be an effective way to build support for the movement.

This is an excellent piece on diversity of tactics vs. non-violent direct action. I believe that a commitment to peaceful action is central to the survival and success of the Occupy movement.

"'Diversity of tactics' becomes an easy way to avoid wrestling with questions of strategy and accountability. It lets us off the hook from doing the hard work of debating our positions and coming to agreements about how we want to act together. It becomes a code for ‘anything goes,’ and makes it impossible for our movements to hold anyone accountable for their actions... Just as we call for accountability and transparency, we ourselves must be accountable and transparent. Some tactics are incompatible with those goals... Lack of agreements privileges the young over the old, the loud voices over the soft, the fast over the slow, the able-bodied over those with disabilities, the citizen over the immigrant, white folks over people of color, those who can do damage and flee the scene over those who are left to face the consequences... A framework of strategic nonviolent direct action agreements allows us to continue to invite in new people, and to let them make clear choices about what kinds of tactics and actions they are asked to support."