What Clients Say

Names have been omitted for privacy reasons.

"Kathryn combines her incredible gifts of observation, listening, and intuition to guide a person to listen to and trust their own inner wisdom. She creatively explores ideas, and offers rich imagery for reflection and insight. She has a keen ability to know when to listen and witness the process, and when to speak and gently guide."

"It's hard to believe that a single conversation can move a person forward like this. POWERFUL!"

"I feel excited about working together this coming school year... teaching in a way that is more in line with my values and beliefs about education."

"You are good at drawing connections between different experiences and gleaning common trends...You always give me a positive spin on my run away thoughts and focus my attention on something concrete and within my control. I always feel calmer after our talks and leave with a list of things to ponder."

"Having your outsider's eye is remarkably valuable. I appreciate your feedback about what you saw me doing well and all the ideas you had for what I might do to:
  • Increase student ownership and engagement
  • Ensure that kids get the most out of our time together (i.e. classroom management, room set-up)
  • Increase my efficiency so that I have more energy and my work is more sustainable
You could see even small changes that I could make that would be useful to me and the kids... lots of small ah-hah moments."

"Your life has been so much about expansion, inviting the new, thinking about what works and why, what doesn't work and why, withholding judgement and supporting folks in their journey."

"Kathryn is talented at looking at a situation from a myriad of angles. She sees humanity and compassion in all sides, and approaches issues with her head, heart and hands. She's a gift."